Climate Concerns and Gas Flaring Reduction

Sutergy is a "green company" and all our operations and service offerings are aimed at ensuring a minimum impact on the environment nd global climate.

Our strategy is aimed at promoting the use of greener energy technologies, energy efficiency, smarter energy supply infrastructures (smart meters, smart grid and smart cities), as well as reducing the impact of conventional energy technologies and activities in the upstream and midstream operations of energy companies.

Gas Flaring Reduction

Based on the observe high rates of gas-flaring in West African oil producing countries despite comparatively low levels of energy supply (especially electricity) required for the region’s economic development, Sutergy is also collaborating with partners in the energy sector to develop gas flaring reduction business models.

One approach we have added to our service portfolio is the promotion of the gas-to-power value chain through micro, small and medium (domestic) liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply infrastructure.

Greenhouse Gas Management

Besides emission of greenhouse gases in the energy sector we also work with our partners worldwide to develop and provide solutions for greenhouse gas management and reduction in the power sector in Nigeria and West Africa. 

One example is SF6 Gas Management in power grids.