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DiloSF6 Gas Management Systems


Our Commitment

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be in good hands with us.

Your projects will be handled with utmost professionalism, integrity, and discretion to provide the optimal solutions for your specific situation.

Sutergy is a management advisorycompany with a focus on high growth emerging markets in West Africa. 

We support public and private initiatives to promote sustainable (energy) infrastructure development, including policy development on national, regional and corporate levels.

Sutergy also serves as an incubator for small start-up businesses offering e-business solutions for the fast growing African e-market and fintech space.

Our solutions serve as a bridge for the (partly not so e-commerce technology savvy) middle-man space in our market. We bring the bazaar to the web.

We are innovation-driven and provide tailored best-in-class solutions for the challenges our clients face.

Sustainable & Renewable Energy


Crowdfunding of sustainable energy solutions


Climate Concerns, Gas-Flaring Reduction and Flared-Gas to Power


Domestic / Regional (African) LNG Supply Infrastructure and Small-Scale LNG for Diesel Substitution

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